I (interviewer)
N (Noriaki)
I: Noriaki, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. First I’d like to ask you broadly about the kind of work that you do.
N: My main role is to act as an Application Engineer. I listen to the analytical issues that our customers have and advise on solutions. In addition, I assist the team in the sales and marketing activities related to Agilent Technologies’ analytical instruments.
I: What exactly is an “Application Engineer“? Please explain in detail.
N: Well, it’s about being able to explain to customers in great detail about their Agilent Technologies products. It’s about having the necessary technological knowledge and qualifications to support the customers and answer their questions. Even if I am engaged by a customer to solve just one issue, our customers represent a vast array of industries and types of analysis, so even though at times, finding the right approach or even the starting point can be difficult, it’s really worthwhile.
I: So, tell us about this demonstration room which, I hear also doubles as your workshop.
N: Seeing this kind of Demonstration Room only in catalogues you can’t get a feeling for it’s analytical capabilities and the software’s ease-of-use. Touching the real thing you can really gain an appreciation and have a sense for the excellence in its manufacture. I ask customers to bring in real life samples for measurement. Customers who have come in to work with me here in the Lab have commented “It was really a relief to asses the equipment beforehand and so I felt confident purchasing it”. Especially recently, as customers will spend many hours using these systems, I feel that performance, efficiency and operability of the analytical software is increasingly regarded as being very important. I feel that customers are looking carefully at this and pleased with what they see. In the demonstration room, in practical circumstances, with the customers,
hearing about their issues and challenges, ideas are born, this is valuable for us. Technology aside, standing in the customers shoes, I aim to discuss any issue or challenge.
I: Finally do you have any words for customers reading this article?
N: Come and visit us, it will be fun.
I: Thank you.
Photo(top) Noriaki surrounded by his favorite tools!
Photo(bottom) Noriaki talks about the hot application engineering topics of today AND tomorrow.

◆System inspection, software operation experience, pre-sales consultations and sample testing are all part of the service that we offer in the Demonstration Room.
◆I would be happy to bring Liquid Chromatography (LC) to your laboratory and provide an on-site demonstration with a sample you provide!
◆For enquiries into a trip to our Demonstration Room, the setup of the equipment in the room or other questions, simply get in contact with your sales representative.
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